Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Looking for top-of-the-line pet supplies? Petland Olathe & Overland Park aren’t just the best place to find your family’s newest companion! Sure, we do have the largest selection of puppies for sale in Kansas City, a number of birds, fish and small animals and the Midwest’s most extensive inventory of exotic reptiles. But we would never connect our well-loved pets with their new owners without providing the dog food and other pet supplies needed to ensure your animal’s life is long, happy and healthy.

High-Quality Pet Supplies in Olathe & Overland Park

By stocking a wide and comprehensive range of pet supplies, our Kansas City pet store makes it easy for you to take care of your animal friend, whether they are of the reptilian, feathered or furry variety. We carry top-of-the-line yet affordable pet supplies, including:

  • Pet food
  • Pet toys
  • Fish tanks
  • Terrariums and enclosures for reptiles and small animals
  • Cat litter
  • Hairball treatments
  • Flea and tick prevention treatments
  • Pet grooming tools
  • Pet beds
  • And many other pet supplies!

Healthy Dog Food at Petland Olathe & Overland Park

In addition to the wide range of pet supplies listed above, our Kansas City pet store also carries an extensive inventory of reputable dog food brands to ensure the health and happiness of your dog of any breed and age. From puppy to long-time pooch, we have man’s best friend covered, all thanks to the affordable, quality dog foods that round out our pet supplies.

Visit our pet store to purchase any of the following dog food brands and other pet supplies:

  • Orijen
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Health Extension – Vets’ Choice
  • Royal Canin
  • Science Diet
  • Nutro
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Nature’s Variety